Swiftic App of the Month: Wilmot Veterinary Clinic

Whether it’s a python, a pony, a puppy, or a parakeet, proud pet parents know just how important it is to find a reliable local vet they can trust. For today’s world of hectic schedules and crazy hours, an app that gives pet owners direct access to their veterinary clinic whenever they need it, wherever they need it, can be a true lifesaver.

That’s why this month, Swiftic is honoring the Wilmot Veterinary Clinic app for its utility, usefulness, and the undeniable value it provides to the community it serves.

Dr. Robert Lofsky created an app for his Wilmot Veterinary Clinic in Kitchener, Ontario to expand his practice and to better engage pet owners in his community. We recently spoke with Dr. Lofsky to learn more about his inspiration for creating an app and his experience with Swiftic.

“What I love about having an app (and a mobile site) is that it’s almost like a business card for my practice,” said Dr. Lofsky. “I am the only vet in my area with a mobile app, and since I have a relatively new practice and am currently building my client base, the app is great because it’s innovative, helps people discover my clinic, and makes my practice stand out.”

And so it should. The Wilmot Veterinary Clinic app offers a host of features to delight animal lovers and pets alike. From coupons to season specials, LiveAlbum photos of patients to info about the staff, Wilmot Vet gives users a fun, interactive, and invaluable tool to connect with their community and keep their pets happy and healthy. For strictly medical needs, pet owners can make appointments, refill prescriptions, and check their pets’ health records through the online portal. The app even provides information about emergency care and after-hours contact information for those pet owners who may get nervous even when Rover hiccups in the middle of the night.

According to Dr. Lofsky, the app’s 24/7 availability is one of its most important attributes because it gives him a direct channel to his clients — no matter where they are or what they’re doing. “Through the app, my clients can get important information even when the clinic is closed. It ensures that they will receive timely updates when they matter,” he said.

Dr. Lofsky did his research before choosing to create his app with Swiftic’s DIY platform. After reviewing at least five different app-creation platforms, Dr. Lofsky said he found Swiftic’s platform “the easiest to use, simplest to understand, and very user-friendly.”

“I especially liked that I was able to figure the platform out intuitively, just by playing around with the features and without reading any manuals. I was even able to demo the app on the phone and show it to friends and colleagues. When everyone I showed it to liked it, I knew it was the platform for me. Plus Swiftic’s prices were comparable to, if not better than, the other platforms I tried.”

Mobile buffs know that creating an app is just the first step. It’s the part that comes after that’s key. Beyond keeping his community informed and engaged, Dr. Lofsky has also done a great job promoting the Wilmot Vet app both virtually on the clinic’s website, and physically at the clinic itself.

“Recently, a prospective client came in for an initial checkup. I have a poster promoting my app and its benefits in my examination room, and she immediately downloaded the app in the middle of the appointment. The minute she downloaded it, she discovered an in-app coupon for a free first-time exam.”
Now that is what we call clever use of mobile technology!

To learn more about Wilmot Veterinary Clinic (and maybe get some ideas to pass on to your own vet next time Fido has fleas), check out the website here. Have your own great vet story? Or just want to post pictures of your pet (did we mention you can do that too with the Wilmot Veterinary Clinic app)? Feel free to leave comments below!

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