Announcing the Winners of Our #SwifticMoments Contest

After two exhilarating weeks, hundreds of photo entries, and suspenseful final moments, the gates have closed on our #SwifticMoments contest. We called on you—our publishers and any small business owners alike—to capture that unique, unforgettable moment when your business wakes up and prepares to greet the day.

And, we gotta tell you, your submissions blew us away. We were amazed at the number, the quality, and the creativity of your pictures. We ultimately logged over a thousand entries, and choosing the final winners was a serious challenge (our judges have the bald spots and bitten fingernails to prove it!).

And so, without further ado, THE WINNERS ARE (drum roll, please…):


Third Prize Winner

Business Name: Andy by Hand
Business Type: Fashion Accessories
The Story Behind the Image: “I started out my creative journey seven years ago. It was then that I created my handmade bag line. My life was at an interesting crossroads and i decided i didn’t have anything to lose, so i took the plunge to become a full-time self-employed creative. It was a super scary leap at the time, but something that I have never regretted! With hard work and consistency, I was able to grow my business. I learned many skills and effective techniques along the way, and I have now made over 2000 bags with my own two hands!”


Second Prize Winner

Business Name: Restaurant
Business Type: Toya
The Story Behind the Image: “After finishing my studies I decided that it was time to follow my dream and start the journey towards setting up my own restaurant. After many years of shuttles between Brussels and Paris while working in 2 restaurants, I am now looking forward to opening up my very own restaurant in Brussels. Here’s to the next step!”


First Prize Winner

Business Name: EM3
Business Type: Musician & Artist
The Story Behind the Image: “I’m a 23 year old aspiring music artist from Southern California with goals of inspiring others to be happy. It’s quite a rigorous task being a music artist in being that competition, especially in my genre, is as big as ever with social media playing an important role. However, over the past couple years I’ve been able to grow my fan base substantially.My contest entry defines the essence of creativity by comically displaying how I perceive both my craft musically, as well as how I define my business – Sharp, witty, & innovative!”


Brie Cheese
Wood Cutter

Special thanks and honorary mention go out to the seven remaining finalists who qualified among the top 10 most popular images of the campaign. We loved your pictures, and those final decisions were no easy task.

That’s all, folks.

We will contact the winners via email with the details of redeeming their prize.
Good game, everyone! And many thanks for your efforts and participation!