All You Need to Know to Make Your App a Success

It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed how often it gets forgotten: An app can only be as successful as its users make it. Time after time, the Swiftic Publisher Success team sees that a winning app promotion strategy—combined with effective app store optimization (ASO) — play a vital role in increasing the number of people using an app. No surprise there. But based on our research and experiences in helping publishers use apps to achieve their business goals, we’ve also identified three specific keys to app promotion: strategic use of digital assets, placement of QR codes, and production of content to generate interest in an app.

To help SMBs get people downloading and using their apps, we’ve developed a three-part checklist of concrete ways to promote an app. Start checking items off this list today to maximize your app’s—and your business’—chances of success!

Tip: You don’t need to implement all of these ideas to make your app a hit. You may want to start with one idea from each of the three categories below, see what works, and then revise your app promotion strategy. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Use Your Digital Assets

Promote your app with a banner or text-based link placed in a prominent location on your website.
Alongside your social icons, display app marketplace icons linking directly to your app’s pages on the stores.
Use special offers to incentivize installs, such as “Download now to redeem a coupon found exclusively in this app!”
Post about your app or share content directly from it on your social channels frequently—weekly or daily if possible.
Ask your followers to share messages about your app on their friends’ walls on social channels.
Leverage holidays, birthdays, special events, and promotions as reasons to engage your audience with app teasers on your site or on social channels.
Respond to feedback and encourage user reviews.
Put links to download your app all over your digital assets (wherever possible!), and link them directly to your pages in the app marketplaces.

Promote with QR Codes

Place your app’s QR code in high-visibility locations, such as storefronts, cash registers, windowsills, etc.
Alongside your QR code, include a clear call to action, such as “Scan to download our app!”
Display your app’s QR code on your business’ physical assets, such as newsletters, advertisements, business cards, billboards, posters, flyers, and signs.
Get creative: Print your QR code on promotional items like T-shirts, napkins, cups, aprons, coasters, place settings, bumper stickers, bookmarks, paper bags, and other swag.
Take advantage of holiday or birthday cards, personalized messages, gift receipts, and envelopes by printing your QR code on them.
Change your Facebook profile pic to your QR code.
Get a customized QR-enhanced storefront sticker through the Swiftic Console’s Marketing Genie tab (for free!), and post it prominently in your business.

Generate Interest in Your App

Write a blog post about your app and send it to your clients or your email database.
Record a brief video on the functionality of your app and post it on YouTube, your website, and other social channels.
Post your content (videos, blogs, photos, etc.) on relevant social channels, forums, and content aggregators.
Create content about your app and designate a section for it on your website.
Write a press release about your app and submit to relevant media outlets.
Provide real-time updates about your app across all your digital assets, highlighting new features and updates.
Create a dedicated landing page for your mobile app, featuring its QR code, demo videos, and links to its app store pages.
Identify journalists and bloggers specifically focused on your industry, and encourage them to write articles on your app
Reach out to members of your business network and ask them to share your content about your app.
Throw a launch party to showcase your app, and invite all of your industry connections.

Following this checklist should help you encourage potential customers to download and use your app. Remember that every business is different and what works for one app may not work for another—so it’s important to watch your numbers and see what works best for you. (The Swiftic Console makes it easy to check how your numbers change over time, using its built-in Analytics feature.) For instance, if your app gets more user downloads after you post your QR code but blogging doesn’t have an impact, that’s valuable information that should help you refine your app promotion strategy. So go ahead and get your app the users it needs to achieve your business goals—using this checklist, a strong ASO strategy, and a willingness to experiment!