How Can Swiftic’s Marketing Genie Help Your Business Grow?

Here at Swiftic, we’re a little bit obsessed with mobile and small business—two fields that fit together today more than ever before. But while mobile is taking the business world by storm, we realize that other types of marketing also matter. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to our Marketing Genie, an ever-growing resource center designed to help our publishers promote their apps, attract new customers, and grow their businesses. Naturally, our Marketing Genie now offers premium publishers three magically convenient marketing wishes. And don’t worry—we’ll remember to ask for more.

First Wish: Your QR-Enhanced Storefront

Once you’ve upgraded to a Swiftic premium plan, it’s time to put some magic into your business by highlighting its most modern element: your new app. To get you started, the Marketing Genie offers you printed and printable resources for spreading the word about your app, both in your business and around town.

Keeping up with today’s marketing trends, the Genie’s Storefront Goodies manager offers you a three-pronged approach to app promotion, built around the use of QR codes—high-tech images that are quickly replacing traditional ads by offering passersby immediate access to the publisher’s app. First, to help you advertise your app, the Marketing Genie offers to ship you a QR-enhanced storefront sticker to post prominently in your business—for free. Second, to let you show your customers that your tech-savvy business can now fit in their pockets, the Genie offers you a Swiftic-issued Certificate of Mobile APPtitude to print and hang with pride. And third, the Genie lets you print readymade QR-enhanced giveaway stickers to place around your commercial space—or even places around town where your potential customers are hanging out—to draw attention to your business.

marketing genie storefront stickers

Second Wish: Your Growing Online Presence

The Marketing Genie realizes that in the digital age, online advertising is an essential way to reach customers. That’s why, in addition to helping you spread the word locally, the Genie is expanding its online capabilities to help you optimize your app’s chances of success.

The Marketing Genie’s user-friendly interface now lets you easily create and run a campaign of Facebook ads, helping you reach those of the social network’s 1.23 billion users who are most likely to be interested in your business. How can you get the attention of the most promising users from such a large pool? The Genie lets you target the precise demographics you want, based on criteria including age, interests, gender, mobile platform, and location. Simply set your app store URLs, Facebook page, budget, ad campaign dates, and parameters for your targeted ads. Then add a short promotional text, edit and preview your ad, and let your campaign work its magic!

Third Wish: Monitor and Modify

Not only does the Marketing Genie enable you to promote your app both online and offline—it also makes it simple to stay informed on your ad campaigns’ progress. Before a campaign goes live, the Genie lets you know how many prospective customers your app could reach. And once your campaign starts, you can view important statistics, including the number of times users have viewed your ad, how many times they’ve clicked on it, and how many times they’ve installed your app. The Marketing Genie also keeps you updated on how much of your budget is remaining.

The best part? As an ad campaign progresses—and as you monitor it—you can modify it in light of its performance. Alongside the statistics on each campaign, the Marketing Genie lets you edit both the ad itself and its campaign settings. You can also manage your budget by designating how much money to spend on each campaign.

So there you have it: the Marketing Genie’s first three wishes for your business—three innovative tools to help you promote both your app and your company, while letting your customers know how they can take your business wherever they go. For complete instructions and other information on the Marketing Genie, check out the Swiftic Help Center’s Marketing Genie page.

This is just the beginning, so keep your eyes peeled for more wishes coming soon. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say the Genie has a few seriously impressive tricks up its sleeve. To see all the latest, you can find the Marketing Genie in the Swiftic Console.

We hope you enjoy the magic!

We’d love to hear what you think of the Marketing Genie! Please send an email to [email protected] to give us your feedback.