10 Facebook Pages Your Business Should Be Following

They’re not just for college students (remember those days?), and they’re not just for fun: For small and midsize businesses (SMBs), Facebook pages can be goldmines of inspiration, fresh ideas, and practical advice. If you run any kind of SMB, keeping up with the right pages can help you improve your business model, better serve your customers, and boost your bottom line. Plus, by liking these pages you can turn your own timeline into a one-stop shop for other businesses looking for valuable info. For every business owner looking to thrive in today’s ever-changing business world, here are 10 essential Facebook pages to check out:

1) Business News Daily

Business News Daily is your go-to destination for information on running an SMB. Aside from being an excellent resource regarding business skills and etiquette, its Facebook page shares lots of helpful links on entrepreneurship, crowdsourcing, and other key elements of running your own business. Whether you run a restaurant, a private gym, or an online delivery service, consider Business News Daily as your own personal SMB expert.

Business New Daily facebook page

2) BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is pretty much synonymous with engagement. Its addictive, must-click listicles and videos are redefining the practice of content sharing, via both its Facebook page and its website. It’s just one of those things you need in your arsenal for customer engagement, particularly if your SMB caters to tweens, teens, and twenties (looking at you guys in fashion, education, weddings, events, nightlife, and dining). Here’s the bottom line: If you seek to generate interest and interaction from your customers on Facebook, then BuzzFeed is a key resource for … well, buzz.

 facebook page

3) Mashable

Mashable’s Facebook page is an excellent source of news on technology, business, entertainment, politics, and more. It’s also a great tool for maximizing your business on a budget. Its newsfeed is consistently packed with helpful articles for SMBs. And to help you engage your own Facebook followers, Mashable provides a steady stream of content for you to share on your page. Consider this page your news-sharing, tech-updating, community-monitoring guru.

mashable facebook page

4) Moz

Love it or hate it, most businesses require marketing, both online and offline. The Facebook page for Moz, the unofficial authority on inbound marketing, can tell you how to do it right. Need to rethink your blog content strategy? Moz. Want to advertise, but don’t have a clue about Google rankings? Moz. Desperately need to boost visibility, but have no idea how? Again, Moz. Follow its Facebook page for expert tips on online marketing, and be sure to check out its extremely helpful guide to SEO.

moz facebook page

5) HubSpot

Speaking of inbound marketing, few online resources are as valuable for SMBs as HubSpot. Looking to make the most of the holiday season for your business? Strengthen your online presence? Step up your blogging game? HubSpot can help, with a Facebook page full of useful tips to help you get your name out there and attract new customers. And with new material that’s relevant for ALL businesses posted every day, this is one page worth following and following closely.

hubSpot facebook page

6) The Huffington Post

Like its website, The Huffington Post’s Facebook page shares interesting links and helpful advice in virtually every area. Do you run a church or religious community center? Check out its subgroup on religion. A school or daycare? Join its education and parenting groups. No matter what your professional field happens to be, the Huffington Post is one of the best ways to stay in the know and on top of your business game. Follow it for your own enlightenment or to share and engage with potential followers.

huffington post facebook page

7) Social Fresh

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or based online—every kind of business needs user engagement. And a well thought-out, skillfully executed social media strategy is one of the best ways to get it. Social Fresh is the guide to making that happen for your business. Follow its Social Fresh’s Facebook page to find out what color scheme you should choose, how to run a Twitter campaign, and how to jump on Instagram’s Hyperlapse bandwagon. This page’s steady, sarcastic jokes are an added bonus.

social fresh facebook page

8) BGR

For today’s SMBs, following high-tech news isn’t just for the tech-savvy—it’s important for anybody looking to keep up with groundbreaking trends. That’s where BGR comes in. Not sure what’s better or worse about Windows 10? Want to hear more about the iPhone 6’s bendy properties? Need to know whether Google Glass stands a chance? BGR’s Facebook page has the answers. If you aren’t sure what to make of the latest tech trend for your business or how to present it to your own followers, then this is the place to check.

BGR facebook page

9) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a fairly tech-heavy source of information and advice regarding web design and development. For those of you who run your business online (or want to start doing so), Smashing Magazine’s Facebook page will coach you on wallpapers, web layouts, app design, and much more. Take advantage of its steady stream of links and frequent newsletters to stay up to date with tips and tricks of the tech trade.

smashing facebook page

10) Innocent Drinks

What can a drink maker teach you about running a business? Well, let’s be honest: Achieving a following of half a million people via fruit-based humor is no mean feat. That’s why, if you’re looking to attract customers, we highly recommend you check out Innocent Drinks on Facebook. Despite having a very specific market, this company uses fantastic engagement techniques, universal marketing skills, and an excellent sense of humor to engage a broad base of followers. In case you had any doubt about it, Innocent’s story proves that some clever marketing can help turn a small business into a big one.

innocent drinks facebook page