Putting Our Money Where Your App Is: Announcing Swiftic’s 6-Month Success Guarantee

Dig deep. Find gold.

Those four words capture how I view life in general, and they represent my philosophy when it comes to running a company. Things that rest on or near the surface—visible, convenient, easily spotted—are generally obvious and not all that useful. It takes a lot of persistent probing to find the nuggets—the shiny golden breadcrumbs—that lead to insight and innovation.

That’s the hard work that brought us to Swiftic’s new “6-Month Success Guarantee.” The idea behind this promise is simple: We’re giving our word to small business owners—no matter what business you are in—that if your app doesn’t bring you meaningful business results in six months, we will extend your subscription for another six months. At no cost. On us.

It’s a big and bold offer, and I’m proud of it. It demonstrates that we stand behind our product and what it promises. It also demonstrates our commitment to our Swiftic members, to their wants and their needs.

Before we came up with the 6-Month Guarantee, we spent a lot of time talking and listening to small business owners. We learned a lot. Just about everyone we spoke with recognized that we are in a mobile revolution—a shift that is creating migraine-inducing stress: How do I make mobile part of my business? How do I know it will work?

Small business owners understand that this is a moment of unprecedented opportunity, but many are still afraid to take the plunge. The first thing they need is the confidence to reduce their anxiety. We figured that if we could remove the risk by promising success—and the definition of success is up to each business owner, not us—we could encourage you to take the step that you know your business needs.

How can we be so confident? Because we know our platform inside and out. We know that we offer you an app that’s so easy to build, you can do it between customers and deliveries. We know that we’ll help you get your app submitted and approved by the app marketplaces. (That’s a lot of pain and torture we bear for you!) And we know we have loyalty solutions that work.

But that’s not the only thing we discovered while examining our members’ needs. We also realized that while our product is right, our pricing was all wrong. The reality is that, no matter what kind of business you own, your mobile solution needs to be comprehensive. It needs to include the right app features, it needs to help you get on the app stores, and it needs to give you the guidance to make your app deliver the results that you want.

That’s why we decided to throw out our old pricing model and build a new one from scratch. Today, I’m happy to say, our new pricing system ensures that every member gets full access to every part of our mobile solution.

You see, we’re in the process of cracking the code on the most important mission for every small business in the world—no matter what country or what city they open their door in every morning: the Loyalty Code. It’s the magic that keeps us going back to the same stores, the same restaurants, the same places to get our hair cut, our shoes shined, our life organized.

Because small businesses are not only the growth engines of the global economy; they are the emotional engines of every local economy. They give our neighborhoods the personality, charm and authenticity that make them great places to live. All of us at Swiftic are singularly dedicated to them.

I love that passion. All of us do. At Swiftic, we are as passionate as the small business owners we are here to serve. They’re responsible for their own destiny. So are we. They have start-up fire. So do we. They’re paranoid about competition. So are we.

We hope and expect that the confidence embodied in our 6-Month Success Guarantee—along with the simplicity and comprehensiveness of our new pricing model—will inspire tens of thousands of small businesses to overcome their doubts and anxieties and step feet- and app-first into the mobile revolution.

Lastly, here’s one more thing we can guarantee: This is just the beginning of our journey to give small businesses the tools they need to compete and win. So to all you Davids…Goliath doesn’t look so big, after all.