4 Fresh Ingredients for Making Your App Profitable

You know that feeling when you open the menu at your favorite restaurant and you see so many tantalizing options that you just don’t know which one to order? Well, if your business is hungry for higher profits and better customer relationships (and what business isn’t?) then it’s a good thing you don’t have to pick just one tempting treat for your mobile app. Here at  Swiftic, over the past few months we’ve cooked up a whole bunch of piping-hot features and product improvements to help you increase sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

If you haven’t tried our newest delicacies yet, now is the time to have a taste and see what they can do for your business. To help you plan the perfect mobile meal for making more money, here’s your guide to our four freshest in-app ingredients:

1. The Appetizer: A Scratch Card to Make Their Day

How many times have you wanted to make your customers feel like it’s their lucky day? Our latest in-app feature, the Scratch Card, lets you do just that—improving your customers’ experience by giving them a fun chance to win prizes. On each card, you can offer one or more prizes of your choice and select the odds of a customer winning each of them. Then your customers can scratch the card from their smartphones to find out what they win.

app with scratch card

Why it’s so tasty:
While your customers may be the ones winning prizes, the Scratch Card feature gives you a world of tempting opportunities to boost sales. By giving them an extra incentive to stop by your business, you can really turn your app into a springboard for increased customer loyalty. The best part: Since you will have a secret code for unlocking the scratch card, you can also decide who’s eligible to scratch and win. For instance, a restaurant can reward any customer who orders a meal costing at least $15 by giving them a chance to win a free dessert.

2. The Main Course: Fresh Ways To Reach Customers Anytime

To make it easier for you to instantly connect with your customers, we’ve started introducing groundbreaking features for sending push notifications through your app. Today, you can schedule a notification to be sent automatically at a time of your choice, and you can preview it before sending it. And just this week, we released Swiftic to Go—a brand-new set of tools letting  Swiftic app owners (and their designated employees) use their own mobile devices to get in touch with their customers.

app with push notification

Why it’s so tasty:
A push notification is a great way to connect with your customers, remind them to visit your app, and encourage them to stop by your business. And since you can set each one to lead interested customers directly to an app feature of your choice, those notifications can seriously increase your app’s traffic. Now that you can schedule notifications ahead of time from both desktop and mobile devices, reaching out to your customers just got a whole lot easier.

3. The Spice: Mobile Commerce Tools for in-App Sales

As important as it is to encourage your customers to stop by your business, today there is more potential than ever before to sell products directly through your app—and the world of mobile commerce is continuing to grow and improve. That’s why since releasing our Store feature, we’ve added a whole set of m-commerce tools making it easy for you to make money directly through your app.

Here are our latest m-commerce treats:

  • The Shopify Store feature, enabling any app owner with a store on Shopify to integrate that store into their app
  • An upgraded Store feature that can be filled with products to be sold through the app
mobile commerce app

Why it’s so tasty:
It’s not difficult to see the scrumptious appeal of mobile commerce: unprecedented convenience for your customers, easier and far more cost-effective sales for you. And no matter what your business sells, our new features can help you sell more of it directly through your app. Stay tuned for even more m-commerce tools coming soon.

4. The Garnish: A Single Feature for All Your Branches

If your business has more than one branch, you can give your customers each location’s most important information in our new Branches feature. You can even take advantage of advanced capabilities for each branch, including directions, in-app calling, scheduling, table booking, food ordering, and others.

branches feature

Why it’s so tasty:
If your business has more than one location, the Branches feature makes it easy to direct your customers to the branch that they want to visit. Whether they want to drive to one of your locations right now, call to ask a question, schedule an appointment through your app, or access many other branch-specific mobile tools, this feature is the way to go. And since the whole point of your app is to get your customers to visit your business, that’s a big deal.

And for Dessert…

Let’s face it: If you want to reap the benefits of our new features, your app needs to be on the (Apple) App Store and the Google Play store. That’s why, in addition to our in-app ingredients for connecting with customers and increasing sales, we’ve been cooking up new ways to simplify your path to the app stores.

Our new app submission system helps you get your app published and available to your customers. All you have to do is open your developer accounts with Apple and Google—don’t worry, our experts are happy to guide you through the whole process—and then send us an app submission request. Once you’ve sent us that request, you can kick back and relax while our team does the heavy lifting of app submission.

As always, the Swiftic Console is the place to find all of our mobile delicacies for turning casual customers into loyal ones and raising your bottom line. And if you don’t have a mobile app yet, now you have four delectable new reasons to create your own mobile app for your business. Bon appétit!