3 Little-Known Ways to Make Money with Your Mobile App

You have a potential goldmine in your pocket.

Go ahead, check it out.

No dough? That’s ok—I’m not talking about small change.

I’m talking about your smartphone, and more specifically, your small business app.

If you’re a fan of our blog, you probably already know how your app can help you gain repeat customers and that it’s an all-out moneymaker.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Instead, I’m going to introduce three less obvious features that you probably haven’t considered using for creating more revenue for your small business (or some unique, ingenious uses of those same features you’ve come to know and love).

Let’s start.

1. Use the Forms feature to create a monthly promotion

Swiftic’s Forms feature is a great way to interact with your app users. Among other things, you can use it for customer service and creating a mailing list, but let’s start with an idea that will not only raise your users’ engagement, but will actually up your sales as well.

Your customers love a good coupon, and yet they’re generally not involved in deciding what kind of coupon they get. That brings us to our first revolutionary moneymaking strategy, which, essentially, is turning your coupon policy into a thriving democracy.

Mobile app promotion

2. Create a win-win scratch card

One of our hottest and newest features is a mobile version of a marketing classic—the scratch card. This tool is an excellent way to get customers into your store, and redeeming it adds an element of surprise, excitement, and delight to the shopping experience.

However, winning a prize from a scratch card is all about luck, and some of your more conservative customers may not want to “gamble” by shopping at your store unless they know their chances. Well, what if you could make a scratch card where the customer never loses? And no, I’m not talking about rigging your card to produce a 100% win rate (although you could actually do that in Swiftic’s app editor if the spirit strikes).

Instead of making it about winning or losing, market your scratch card as a win-win scenario.

Mobile app promotion

3. Reach out to other businesses with Web Links

Our third moneymaking feature involves collaborative reciprocity with other small businesses rather than straight-up cash.

This means generating sales indirectly by supporting and promoting fellow small business owners who, in turn, support and promote you.

We at Swiftic are big believers in small businesses helping each other out with customer referrals, which is why our apps include a built-in Web Links feature that lets you create a directory of your own hand-picked “recommended vendor” links.

Now, most small business owners use our Web Links feature to link to their site and social media channels, which is great. But it’s by no means exhaustive—just think of the benefits of using this feature to collaborate with other small businesses in your neighborhood (that aren’t direct competitors, of course…).

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